SJP for Nordstrom…Hello Lovers!


I’m sure I’m not the only girl out there who spend her teens, and indeed twenties, wishing they had Carrie Bradshaw’s life.  The apartment, the friends, the shoes, the closet… in fact pretty much everything but the love life!

Sarah Jessica Parker is a style icon in her own right, and her portrayal of Carrie only cemented this further.  Now she’s taken this to new heights with the launch of her first shoe collection, exclusive to upscale American fashion retailer, Nordstrom. The good news is that they ship to the UK ladies!

SJP worked with legendary shoe designer George Malkemus (the right hand man of Manolo Blahnik!) to create a beautiful high end collection, including shoes and a fabulous trenchcoat, inspired by New York in the late 70′s and early 80′s.

“I recall being a younger girl in New York City, arriving in 1978, say, and looking around, as many young girls do, at women who were older and more sophisticated. They seemed to be cosmopolitan; they seemed to have an air about them I was convinced I did not have but seemed possible to acquire after time spent in this sophisticated urban city. It was an aspirational look I thought any woman could achieve once she was grown up, had money of her own and could make her own aesthetic choices,” Parker told the Nordstom Blog.

The whole collection can be found here:

My favourite piece in the collection has got to be the ‘Jill’ sandal in pink (pictured at top of post) but at £220 I will have to pass on them this time I think!

What do you think of the collection? What shoes are you loving?

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