1 skirt : 3 ways

Have you ever seen a piece that you love but then stood in the shop and tried to justify the price? I know that I have!  I’m the queen of justifying big purchases (although my fiance remains largely unconvinced of this!) and one of the easiest ways to convince yourself that a splurge is worth it is to think of the cost per wear.  An expensive item that you get a lot of wear out of is better than buying a lot of ‘fast fashion’ pieces that you only wear once or twice.  One way to work out how much wear you will get from an item is to consider where you would wear it, and now and again you find gems that can be worn in several different ways.  I’m going to show you an example of this today, one £129 Ted Baker floral print skirt, worn 3 ways.

1 skirt 3 ways

Work: With a smart black blazer & cami, and patent mary-jane flats and you will make this pretty skirt work for your 9-5.  Of course every office is a little bit different with regards to dress code, but you can even add black opaque tights if you think that would make this more appropriate for around your water cooler!

Play: Chunky ankle boots and a slogan tee make this super feminine skirt a little bit more edgy.  Perfect for daytime wear, when you don’t want to be too dressed up!

Party: And of course if you add sparkley gold heels to anything you’ve pretty much got a party going on!  Pairing it with a sexy crop top finishes this outfit off and makes sure you’re ready to hit the town in style.

Which outfit is your favourite way to style this skirt?  Do you buy on a ‘cost per wear’ principle?

4 thoughts on “1 skirt : 3 ways

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I think the play outfit is my favourite! I just checked out your blog- fabulous! I especially love the aztec print shirt in your recent post!

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