Hand Luggage Essentials


As I start to prepare for my upcoming holiday (honeymoon!) I’ve been thinking about packing, and about my essentials for my hand luggage.  This is especially important when space is limited.

Here is what I am planning on packing in my carry on, so far:

  • iPhone
  • Google nexus tablet
  • Kindle
  • Chargers for all my gadgets
  • All the documents, of course!
  • Make up bag
  • Lipbalm
  • Purse
  • Tangle teezer (I could not live without this now)
  • Scarf (for if it gets chilly on the plane)
  • Sunglasses (ready for the minute you step off of the plane!)

Do you have any other suggestions for ‘must haves’? How do you pack?


3 thoughts on “Hand Luggage Essentials

  1. Sounds good so far 🙂 Two suggestions:

    1. If you can download the Kindle app on your Android -you can save yoursef some space by ditching the actual Kindle & charger.
    2. I’d probably carry a pashmina, instead of a scarf – but I tend to get quite chilly on planes, so wrapping up always sounds like a good idea…

    Happy packing!

    • Great suggestions!

      I will definitely look in to the kindle app! Between us my fiancé and I will be taking two smart phones and two tablets on holiday so cutting the kindle out makes sense!

      I think I might need to pick up a pashmina! I totally agree with you, I get chilly on planes and also find it a more comfortable journey when I have clothes I can snuggle up in!

      Thanks! Have you got any holidays coming up? 🙂

      • You’re welcome! Used to do lots of travelling for work, so thought I’d contribute my two cents 😉

        Actually, I do have a bit of travelling coming up (1st May/ long weekend). Nothing fancy, just domestic really, but to a lovely place – & looking forward to it like you wouldn’t imagine 🙂

        Have a safe flight and loads of fun on your vacations! XOXO

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