In Conversation with Cosmopolitan – The Truth About Celebrity Fashion

It’s not even payday until Monday but it didn’t stop me… I’ve just ordered a ticket to Cosmopoltian Fash Fest (Okay, not such a fan of the name but I’ll let it go!)

I’ll be going along to the Tuesday the 16th of September session: In Conversation with Cosmopolitan- The Truth About Celebrity Fashion.  Their website states that hosted by Cosmo’s Editor-in-Chief Louise Court, this is a chance to get behind the scenes and discover trade secrets.  The panel are certainly well connected in the industry:

Pixie Lott

Victoria Adcock – Celebrity stylist to clients including Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham.  If you read my wee interview over at you’ll know that Victoria Beckham can do not wrong in my eyes so I’m interested to hear any tips from her stylist!

Lisa Valencia – Celebrity Make-up artist

Jess Moloney –  Designer Fashion PR for Vivienne Westwood

Ben Cooke – Celebrity hairdresser to clients including Nicole Scherzinger- who always has beautiful luscious locks!

 I can’t make LFW A/W this year due to work commitments, so I’m excited that I have this to look forward to instead.  Of course I’ll do a full review post afterwards!


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