How to dress for your shape : Part 1

When it comes to dressing for your shape my philosophy is… Rock what you’ve got!

No matter the number on your label, it’s important to know, and appreciate your body shape. This can change with age, with most women seeing changes after puberty, but usually doesn’t even when your carrying a little extra holiday weight! Next week I’ll be discussing some top tips to dress to accentuate your natural shape- so take a look and work out what shape you think you are!

Apple – Apple shapes usually gain more weight in their tummy, bum and face. They’re usually bigger on their top half, with broader shoulders. The great news is that apple shaped girls usually have slim hips and gazelle like legs!

Pear- Pear shapes usually gain weight mostly on their bum and thighs (this sounds familiar). However they usually also have a smaller bust (this is how I know I’m not a pear!). Pear shapes will quite often have hips wider than their shoulders.

Hourglass- Lucky hourglass girlies find that weight goes on pretty evenly between their bust, hips and thighs. A narrow waist creates the hourglass effect- this body shape is one of the easiest to spot!

Rectangle- Any extra weight on someone of this shape usually appears around the stomach- but they’re lucky to have slender hips and a small waist!

Inverted triangle- Broader shoulders and a full bust usually signal an inverted triangle shape, particularly with a slim waist and narrow hips!

As I was saying, next week I’ll be talking about some of the best ways to dress for your shape… But the most important thing I can say is love what you are! Even when I gain or lose weight, my shape remains roughly the same… I’m an hourglass. I just have a little extra time at the moment!


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