Show your wardrobe some love <3

Show your wardrobe some love- how to take care of your clothes.

Busy buying Christmas presents for everyone, no room in the budget for new pieces for yourself? Make sure you take good care of what you have in your wardrobe, and you’ll be all set til the January sales!

– Cashmere should always ALWAYS be hand washed, ignore the label if it says any differently! To remove excess water gently, try using a salad spinner- you’ll never look back!

– Jeans too long? Wash them twice before you take them to get taken up, jeans always shrink in length when washed. (I am bad and always buy jeans that are too long!)

– Don’t leave ironing your outfit until just before you leave, If you put it on whilst warm this can make even more wrinkles appear! Give it 5-10 mins to cool and you’ll be all set!

– We’ve all used the hairspray trick to prevent ladders in tights- but it works so much better with the cheap hairspray, so don’t waste your good stuff! Have a can of bargain basement spray in your cupboard for this reason!

– This last tip is a life saver for me, who is always rushing about in the morning and spilling foundation on my work shirts… Blot it out with shaving foam and it’ll come out easily!

Catwalk trends for A/W

· 60’s was everywhere on the A/W catwalks. From polo necks to knee high boots for Louis Vuitton to printed shift dresses from Valentino, it looks like the swinging 60’s are back.

· Fairytale of fashion week… bring on the rich jewel tones, embellished capes and fur hoods. You can expect to see these all over the high street as the cold weather hits!

· Fast food… fast fashion! Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket show led the way here! Trashy but fabulous is in, with garish colour blocking and in your face branding. And who could forget the wonder of McDonalds Moschino?! Definitely the chic-est happy meal around!

· Winter blues are all the rage this season, replacing the pink trends of recent years (Nothing will make me ditch the pink!)

· Maybe it’s the ‘50 shades of grey’ factor, but sexy seductive clothing featured heavily on the catwalk, and we’ll see that on the high street too. Look out for sumptuous silk, soft black leather and flashes of red. (Side note: Hate that book- how about we don’t glamourise domestic violence? – but love this look!)

7 fashion rules that you shouldn’t be afraid to break

Life is full of rules, but style doesn’t have to be!

“Navy and black don’t go together”
This is one rule that has a lot of believers, but when used with caution navy and black can look very chic together. It appears a lot on the catwalk, and unlike a lot of catwalk looks, this is easy to try in real life. Try pairing black opaque tights with a navy dress- simple!

“You can’t mix patterns”
Don’t be afraid to try this- it can really freshen up your look! Once you’ve braved it you’ll be mixing florals and stripes like a pro! An easy way to start is to think of leopard print as a neutral. If you’re scared, you can experiment with details like scarves and belts.

“Silver or gold… not both!”
Mixing metals is very in! All over both the blog world and the celebrity circuit. The trick is to make it look deliberate, not just accidently thrown on! This is easy to achieve with stacking bracelets or layering necklaces of different lengths.

“You can’t wear red to a wedding”
Such an old fashioned rule- back when red was the colour of promiscuity. There are some gorgeous red dresses to wear to a wedding out there (And lots that aren’t appropriate… hint: no spandex or leather). And as a recent bride I can reassure you; as long as no one turned up in a white dress and veil I wasn’t remotely bothered!

“Faux fur is tacky”
Not always, some looks great and very realistic. So realistic that you should avoid PETA campaigners! Obviously some look faux fur pieces looks better than others but there is no reason you shouldn’t introduce this into your wardrobe this winter.

“Don’t wear more than one bold colour at a time”
Um hello, colour blocking? You can (and absolutely should!) break this rule. The colour wheel is your friend, don’t be scared to go for contrast! Teal and pink are my two absolute favourite colours, and whereas once they could never be worn together, now we know they POP! (Good news for my wardrobe!)

“Tall women can’t wear heels” / “Short women should always wear heels”
I’ll wear whatever shoes I like, thanks! I’m 5’4″ and my husband is 6’3″… I LOVE heels, they make me feel slimmer and more confident but do I have to wear them ALWAYS? Nope! On the other side of the coin, if you’re tall don’t think you can’t wear heels if you want to! This is an outdated notion from the days when women couldn’t been as both tall and feminine. In short (no pun intended) wear whatever damn shoes you want. Confidence is your best accessory.

How to dress for your shape : Part 2

So last week I helped you work out your shape… now that you know what you’ve got – here’s how to dress it!

If you’re an apple, like Jennifer Hudson-
🍎You want to elongate your midsection and create the illusion of a smaller waist.
🍎V- neck tops to create the illusion of a longer torso.
🍎A good bra is your friend- the right one will offer good lift and support and make all the difference to your posture!
🍎Always wear your belt at the smallest part of your waist for maximum results!
🍎Wear shorter skirts to show off your legs (your best asset!) and draw attention away from your midsection!

If you’re a pear, like Kim Kardashian-West-
🍐Don’t wear bright prints on your lower half- that draws attention to hips and thighs.
🍐Try a-line skirts, which camouflage wider hips.
🍐Wide hem trousers also help to balance the hips.
🍐Look for jackets that hit right above the waist- they’ll be most flattering!
🍐Pointy-toed shoes are an easy way to elongate your legs.

If you’re an hourglass, like Scarlett Johansson-
⌛️Never hide your curves with baggy clothing- this will just make you look bigger!
⌛️Fitted dresses and a belt at the waist to enhance your hourglass shape.
⌛️Try high-waisted skirts to show off your hips.
⌛️You can pick thin, lightweight styles and fabrics to showcase your curves!
⌛️Skinny and straight leg jeans look great on you too!

If you’re a rectangle shape, like Cameron Diaz-
◼️Scoop neck and sweetheart tops are an easy way to create curves.
◼️Tops with detail- like unusual collars and ruffles to flatter your chest.
◼️Always invest in a good bra that will make the most of what you have.
◼️Experiment with layering to add more dimension to your look!
◼️You can play about with bright colours on your lower half- a really flattering look!

If you’re an inverted triangle shape, like Demi Moore-
🔽Wide-leg trousers and full skirts look great on you and create balance!
🔽Spaghetti strap tops and boat necklines are to be avoided- they make broad shoulders look broader!
🔽Look for tops that call attention to your waistline, either with cut or embellishment.
🔽Look for clothes that create the illusion of a waist – high waisted jeans are your friend!

How to dress for your shape : Part 1

When it comes to dressing for your shape my philosophy is… Rock what you’ve got!

No matter the number on your label, it’s important to know, and appreciate your body shape. This can change with age, with most women seeing changes after puberty, but usually doesn’t even when your carrying a little extra holiday weight! Next week I’ll be discussing some top tips to dress to accentuate your natural shape- so take a look and work out what shape you think you are!

Apple – Apple shapes usually gain more weight in their tummy, bum and face. They’re usually bigger on their top half, with broader shoulders. The great news is that apple shaped girls usually have slim hips and gazelle like legs!

Pear- Pear shapes usually gain weight mostly on their bum and thighs (this sounds familiar). However they usually also have a smaller bust (this is how I know I’m not a pear!). Pear shapes will quite often have hips wider than their shoulders.

Hourglass- Lucky hourglass girlies find that weight goes on pretty evenly between their bust, hips and thighs. A narrow waist creates the hourglass effect- this body shape is one of the easiest to spot!

Rectangle- Any extra weight on someone of this shape usually appears around the stomach- but they’re lucky to have slender hips and a small waist!

Inverted triangle- Broader shoulders and a full bust usually signal an inverted triangle shape, particularly with a slim waist and narrow hips!

As I was saying, next week I’ll be talking about some of the best ways to dress for your shape… But the most important thing I can say is love what you are! Even when I gain or lose weight, my shape remains roughly the same… I’m an hourglass. I just have a little extra time at the moment!


Top Tips for Pattern Mixing


There’s a fine line between chic and stylish pattern mixing, and looking like you’ve been kicked through a charity shop. This makes a lot of people scared to try to mix patterns, but if you follow some basic guidelines it can be easier than you may think!

-To avoid it becoming overwhelming, try using one bold pattern and one more subtle print. That way one is the real focus point and the other is more complimentary.

– Make like project runway and keep it cohesive- pick a common colour that runs throughout your patterns, that will go a long way to tying the outfit together.

– If in doubt, start simple. Avoid croc print, chevrons etc… Go for a simple floral, polkadot or stripe. Chances are you already have these in your wardrobe.

– Add small touches- leopard print shoes are everywhere, and patterned scarves as a big favourite of mine. Adding these wee details make it look effortless.

Pattern mixing has been big on the catwalk and I think it’s here to stay. It’s also a great way to get more versatility out of your existing wardrobe- you may find pieces you never would have thought to pair together suddenly make a great new outfit. Worth a try right?

In Conversation with Cosmopolitan – The Truth About Celebrity Fashion

It’s not even payday until Monday but it didn’t stop me… I’ve just ordered a ticket to Cosmopoltian Fash Fest (Okay, not such a fan of the name but I’ll let it go!)

I’ll be going along to the Tuesday the 16th of September session: In Conversation with Cosmopolitan- The Truth About Celebrity Fashion.  Their website states that hosted by Cosmo’s Editor-in-Chief Louise Court, this is a chance to get behind the scenes and discover trade secrets.  The panel are certainly well connected in the industry:

Pixie Lott

Victoria Adcock – Celebrity stylist to clients including Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham.  If you read my wee interview over at you’ll know that Victoria Beckham can do not wrong in my eyes so I’m interested to hear any tips from her stylist!

Lisa Valencia – Celebrity Make-up artist

Jess Moloney –  Designer Fashion PR for Vivienne Westwood

Ben Cooke – Celebrity hairdresser to clients including Nicole Scherzinger- who always has beautiful luscious locks!

 I can’t make LFW A/W this year due to work commitments, so I’m excited that I have this to look forward to instead.  Of course I’ll do a full review post afterwards!


Ethical Fashion : Primark Labels … Hoax?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and if you’re UK based, you will have heard about the controversial labels claimed to have been found in items of Primark clothing.  There was extensive news coverage at the time of the ‘discovery’ of these labels,  and it’s fueled a lot of debates about the conscious of the fashion world.

Primark label with a message in Swansea

Claimed to be a  “cry for help – to let us people in Britain know what is going on” the hand stitched claims were found in two separate garments bought in the UK.  Primark of course sprung to action, and promised a full enquiry.  But it’s already too late- the debate has begun.  They’ve come out today to declare the labels a hoax but the conversation is ongoing, and most people seem almost certain of Primark’s guilt.  But will shoppers put their money where their mouth is? It’s too early to say but it will certainly be interesting to see how this has affected Primark’s sales figures for this quarter and their (already fragile) reputation on the high street.

One Dress : Two Ways



One of the smartest ways to pack for a holiday is to make sure you outfit build.  With the use of accessories one simple belted coral maxi dress can be worn for both day & night.

The daytime look features casual styling, with a straw trilby, fun flip flops and a canvas bag for trips to the beach.  I’m picturing this with beachy waves… beaut.

To switch it up for night, scoop your hair up in to a high bun, and pop on a rosebud crown.  Throw on a pair of wedge espadrilles and a cute straw clutch, and you’re ready for dinner, drinks & wherever the evening may take you.

Do you outfit build when you’re packing for holidays? Which outfit do you prefer? How would you style this dress?