Catwalk trends for A/W

· 60’s was everywhere on the A/W catwalks. From polo necks to knee high boots for Louis Vuitton to printed shift dresses from Valentino, it looks like the swinging 60’s are back.

· Fairytale of fashion week… bring on the rich jewel tones, embellished capes and fur hoods. You can expect to see these all over the high street as the cold weather hits!

· Fast food… fast fashion! Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket show led the way here! Trashy but fabulous is in, with garish colour blocking and in your face branding. And who could forget the wonder of McDonalds Moschino?! Definitely the chic-est happy meal around!

· Winter blues are all the rage this season, replacing the pink trends of recent years (Nothing will make me ditch the pink!)

· Maybe it’s the ‘50 shades of grey’ factor, but sexy seductive clothing featured heavily on the catwalk, and we’ll see that on the high street too. Look out for sumptuous silk, soft black leather and flashes of red. (Side note: Hate that book- how about we don’t glamourise domestic violence? – but love this look!)