Top Tips for Pattern Mixing


There’s a fine line between chic and stylish pattern mixing, and looking like you’ve been kicked through a charity shop. This makes a lot of people scared to try to mix patterns, but if you follow some basic guidelines it can be easier than you may think!

-To avoid it becoming overwhelming, try using one bold pattern and one more subtle print. That way one is the real focus point and the other is more complimentary.

– Make like project runway and keep it cohesive- pick a common colour that runs throughout your patterns, that will go a long way to tying the outfit together.

– If in doubt, start simple. Avoid croc print, chevrons etc… Go for a simple floral, polkadot or stripe. Chances are you already have these in your wardrobe.

– Add small touches- leopard print shoes are everywhere, and patterned scarves as a big favourite of mine. Adding these wee details make it look effortless.

Pattern mixing has been big on the catwalk and I think it’s here to stay. It’s also a great way to get more versatility out of your existing wardrobe- you may find pieces you never would have thought to pair together suddenly make a great new outfit. Worth a try right?