£50 per month shopping challenge

Hello. My name is Nicola, and I’m a shopaholic.And I’m not even sorry! 

I do however know deep down that it would be more sensible to save my money (for things like holidays, spa days and new houses…) rather than frivolously  spending it all on shoes and handbags. That’s why I agreed to a challenge posed by a friend – a maximum budget of £50 per month for clothes, shoes and make up.  It doesn’t sound too difficult, but it’s all too easy to fritter cash away, and I think this will really help me keep track of all those little purchases that really add up. We are going to be keeping each other accountable throughout the month, which will help I think!

I’ve already got my eyes on few things this month… new workout clothes, a chunky cable knit sweater and the cutest spring flats I spotted the other week… I think that might be the budget bust already!

I will post a February round up and let you see how I got on! 

Show your wardrobe some love <3

Show your wardrobe some love- how to take care of your clothes.

Busy buying Christmas presents for everyone, no room in the budget for new pieces for yourself? Make sure you take good care of what you have in your wardrobe, and you’ll be all set til the January sales!

– Cashmere should always ALWAYS be hand washed, ignore the label if it says any differently! To remove excess water gently, try using a salad spinner- you’ll never look back!

– Jeans too long? Wash them twice before you take them to get taken up, jeans always shrink in length when washed. (I am bad and always buy jeans that are too long!)

– Don’t leave ironing your outfit until just before you leave, If you put it on whilst warm this can make even more wrinkles appear! Give it 5-10 mins to cool and you’ll be all set!

– We’ve all used the hairspray trick to prevent ladders in tights- but it works so much better with the cheap hairspray, so don’t waste your good stuff! Have a can of bargain basement spray in your cupboard for this reason!

– This last tip is a life saver for me, who is always rushing about in the morning and spilling foundation on my work shirts… Blot it out with shaving foam and it’ll come out easily!